Northern checkpoints  Between the routine ugliness of the occupation to the routine wonder of nature

Roni A. (Photography) and Hannah H. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation


05:50 – 07:30

05:50 - Barta’a Checkpoint

Few people go up the sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed path that leads to the terminal) to the upper parking lot.  In the terminal, four inspection windows are open and from time-to-time, small groups of workers enter who arrived in transits.  At 06:10, when we left, the stream of workers had not gotten larger.

06:30 – Anin Agricultural Checkpoint

The soldiers are already here, but they sit in the car and get out to open the gate late, at 06:40. Seven people and one tractor pass through.  They tell us that in that until now, the only people who received permits for the olive harvest are those who received permits last year.  But even at this checkpoint, there are several pastoral moments (sunrise and the setting of the moon).  By 06:48. Everyone passed through.

06:50 – Tura Checkpoint

Yosi’s Transport stands at the entrance of the checkpoint and the soldiers sit inside.  Three students of a high school in Jenin wait to pass through; they have another trip to Jenin in order to arrive at school:  “We are late a lot, but the principal is considerate of us.” At 06:55, the soldiers enter the checkpoint and slowly, slowly they organize and open the checkpoint considerably late, which happens regularly.  On the West Bank side, people are waiting and this continuous waiting causes the drivers of the cars to argue about the line. At 07:10, the first worker comes out to the Seamline Zone.  By 07:30, eight cars and thirty people came out. Four cars with passengers and one radiation nurse and her son, crossed over to the West Bank.

07:15 – The passage begins for female students dressed uniformly in a black hijab. The passage is quick.


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