Etzion DCO: There is no water, but the bathroom doors are not locked

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Shlomit Steinitz and Netanya Ginzburg (reports)

Many people waiting in the hall but,  after shouting at the soldiers through the turnstile……there were three of them who could be seen doing nothing…..the people went through.

Again several complaints from people who had done tests for Corona which did not appear on the computer. A. said that it takes time before items appear on all the systems. He also said that they should apply to the Palestinian Ministry of Health as it could be that the holdup came from there.

A man with an injury to his leg while at work needed to appear before a committee and had come for a permit. He had difficulty understanding that we could not give him a permit. He also had the appointment on his telephone but we told him that very probably  he would need  a print out. The appointment was only in a few days time so if that were the case, he had the time. Of course, there is also the possibility of the print out being done on the spot by the soldier dealing with him but this is not always forthcoming as we have seen.

One man came to the car but refused to put on a mask and insisted then on coming to the window, also without a mask. His attitude was very unpleasant even though other Palestinians urged him to put one on.  We refused to help him. One of them gave him a mask and he came up to the car, snarled something at us and walked off.

Many people had come to the GSS and said that they had been contacted by phone at night.

Of course there is no water in the cooler in the waiting room but at least the toilets were open.