Habla - The delay in opening the checkpoint has become a habit

Nina S., Hanna T., Hanna K. (translating)

The occupation routine. Everybody knows his role and everything continues smoothly

The delay in the opening of the CP has already become a habit. But nevertheless, there is a number of persons waiting to leave Habla, even before the official opening hour -  07:10. Even from the direction of the plant nurseries one of the workers is already waiting to enter.

07:16 – The military police vehicle has arrived. At 07:22 the posts have begun being active and the first group of those wishing to leave Habla enters the checking room. Simultaneously with being checked in the checking room,  persons are also checked at the watch post near the exit gate, in the direction of the plant nurseries.

The checking process for the first persons to be checked in the checking room takes three minutes.

There is also a sporadic checking of the contents of the bags of those passing by the watch post.

From the checking room the watch post is informed about the passing of a child (by describing his clothing) whose father is at the plant nursery, and is supposed to come and fetch him. The child waits a few minutes at the watch post and then is allowed to pass.

At 08:07 they already shut the gate for those coming from the direction of Habla. But then a car and a tractor arrives. According to the soldier at the watch post the orders are that the gate has to be closed 5 minutes before the official hour – 08:10. ‘they (the Palestinians) know.’

Nevertheless they open the gate. The vehicles and their passengers are checked. At 08:16 they leave in the direction of the plant nurseries.

The CP is being closed.