Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Leah R., Hanna H. Marcia L, Translation

06:00 – Barta’a Checkpoint
Many workers go up via the “sleeveinfo-icon," a cup of coffee in hand, and walk to the upper parking lot. There they wait for their rides to work.  There is almost no line at the entrance, the terminal is quiet and 5 inspection windows are open.  Those who go out tell us that two turnstiles are working at the entrance and that the passage is quick.  Last week we heard about the worker who was delayed at the Tayibe Checkpoint as punishment for throwing away a cigarette butt within the area of the checkpoint. And here the lavatories are still closed as punishment.

06:45 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint
On the way to the checkpoint, we saw that in addition to the pillars for lighting there are also pillars for conducting electricity and a ditch for an electricity cabinet that is being built at the entrance to Daher el Malek village.

The checkpoint is open and people and vehicles pass through quickly.