Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting); Translator: Natanya


Absolute quiet, it is surprising  how quiet it is.

The checkpoint of Meitar seems asleep and the parking lot if empty. Trucks with sand are parked there.

It is a holiday for Israelis. Closureinfo-icon for Palestinians and it is  felt. There is only traffic of Israeli Bedouin going to shop in Dahariya.

The wall of the separation “fence” is nearly complete.


Once again the passage between the neighborhood of Hebron next  to Kiryat Arba has been closed because of the Jewish holiday.

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Israeli flags hang on Arab homes which have been “bought” by Jews.

The inhabitants have not moved in yet. In two which are populated, there will be more checkpoints and more soldiers and more Palestinians will be even more miserable and without basic human rights.

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In  Gros  square and in Shahada street which is empty of Palestinians this flier is hung offering 17 flats for sales in the House of Contention. Which the settlers call the House of Peace. 

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There is an invitation to all the Israelis to come to celebrate in Hebron. The settlers and their visitors “tour” the Kasbah. This is  provocation for its own sake. (This area is supposed to closed to Israelis).

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Border police warn Palestinian children who have dressed as beggars not to hang around the Jews. They set them down at the other side of the parking lots which is next to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

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Marrows are sowed in the lands.

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In general it is very quiet and everyone we meet says that in general it is a quiet  holiday.