Beta: Palestinians protest. The army is destroying. again

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Fathiya (reporting), Carol Cook, Ilan Cook (a guest; Carol’s son) Translator: Charles K.

12:40  Habla

A military pickup truck was parked next to the gate, a few soldiers standing beside it.  As soon as they saw us they approached, asked who are we, why we’re here.  We replied, of course.  They requested we remain in the vehicle because they’re involved in military activity.

13:50  Huwwara

A military pickup vehicle and a jeep stood at the plaza on the Yizhar-Huwwara road, soldiers getting out.


The military emplacement opposite the school is manned by three soldiers.

Doha accompanied us to the fields because peace groups had planted olive trees.  Not many remained; the area looked neglected. The owners don’t dare approach it.

14:30  We drove to Beta. The soldiers at the Yizhar-Huwwara road plaza began to detain vehicles for inspection.  One soldier stood in position with weapon drawn, and, of course, a huge line of vehicles was waiting.

15:00  Beta

We drove up the hill to the protest tent.  A few young people and two adults were there.  They told us what happens every Thursday – the army destroys all the roads used by the ambulances to evacuate the injured.  Two days ago the soldiers came and damaged the tents.  They cut the ropes and slit the sides of the tents lengthwise.  The villagers repaired the cuts and retied the ropes.  And, of course, the jeep is always parked at the southern entrance, in readiness.

17:15  We left Burin.