Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Hagit; Translator: Natanya

We drove on road 358. Two contractors using Palestinian workers are changing the separation fence to the wall.



We drove back on road 60 through the settlement of Negohot which lies between two hills. Now the two hills are being connected by a barbed wire fence. The area between the  settlement on the hills is private Palestinian land. The wall, fence in our area is directly on the green line.

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On road 60 at the Sheep crossroads is a checkpoint on both sides.

At Dura-el Fawwar the children are not throwing stones and the soldiers stay there for maybe five minutes.

In H2 It is the winter school  holiday of the Palestinian authority and the children are playing in the deserted areas.

The parachutist division is at their posts at Beit Hadassah in the direction of Tel Rumeida.

The border police at other posts and patrolling the roads.

I have become accustomed to evil.