Hanukkah trip in the heart of the Palestinian village

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elephone Report to Irit Sguli15.12.2020 Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
תיירים ומתנחלים מטיילים בשטח הכפר יסוף

The mayor of Yasuf telephoned and told me that this morning at 10:30 more than 60 settlers, accompanied by guests and soldiers, entered the fields belonging to farmers from Yasuf    They came down from the aggressive settlement of Tapuach.  Since the Palestinians did not receive any warning that the Jews were engaging in hikes during the Chanukah holiday, they began throwing stones at them.  The soldiers responded with gunfire.  No one was injured.  The settlers threw rocks down a well, and damaged a 500-year-old olive tree, and a stone wall.

The mayor of the village called the Palestinian District Coordination and Liaison Office  and was told that this was a “Chanukah hike”.  He asked if they had been notified beforehand and the District Coordination and Liaison Office  answered that they had not.

Early warning would have eliminated the conflict.