Habla - one man complained about the lengthy waiting period

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Ruthi Katz, Hanna Aviram; Translator: Hanna K..

At 7:10 people were already standing near the Habla CP. Both those who cross the CP by foot and those who use vehicles.

At 7:18 a military vehicle passed on the road between the two fences, but it didn’t stop.

At 7:26 the soldiers finally arrived but the CP was activated at 7:30 only. At first the soldiers were busy disciplining and inspecting – returning people to beyond the entrance by which they enter the area between the fences. When “a more than acceptable number” in one of the soldier’s opinion passed, he called towards them ”Yalla, how many? Khallas!”

7:34 – The teachers’ bus arrived from the direction of Habla and stopped on the road. The soldiers peeped into it; the women teachers were ordered to leave the bus.

7:42 - The bus turned around and drove back in the direction of Habla.

7:55 - The bus was again seen at the CP.

8:06 - The bus finally arrived at the checking post.

8:13 - The bus passed. Good Morning to the lady teachers and their pupils. 

In the course of the shift one man complained about the lengthy waiting period. On the other hand one of the persons expressed satisfaction and A. too said that today things were “after all alright” compared to Wednesday and Thursday of the week before.

8:15 - There were still about 20 persons, wishing to leave Habla, left. The CP had been shut from the direction of Habla and the waiting people were told to stand on the road between the fences.

8:19 - Beyond the fence two persons on motor bikes arrived from Habla. “Wind, wind” – they were sent back.


8:25 - The last remaining persons crossed over and the soldiers shut the CP in both directions.