Qalandiya - No Miracle for Them

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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.
חולים מעזה מחכים מול משרדי המת"ק

No Miracle for Them

Since an hour earlier I had taken leave of Gazan patients on their way home, when I saw the three women, the little one and child Abdallah sitting, desperate, in front of the DCO office, their stuffed bags at their feet showing they were headed for Gaza – I knew it was a lost case.

No matter how ill or aching they are, they will not make it home today.

But since at times miracles happen even in the dark – I stayed.

I tried to persuade those officiating in the inner offices to lift the cruel rules, and in my own mind was already planning whom to summon to give them a ride, and how to settle the price with him.

While entering the offices, running around between corridors and fortified windows, trying to make eye contact and then some conversation – Abdallah was with me the whole time.

עבדאללה אחרי ניתוח בעין

This 13-year old is a smart kid, and most resourceful. I had an eye operation, he said, and showed his hospital release documents.

He exited the Gaza Strip with his father who is also ill, and now has to return on his own. The father is still hospitalized.

Nearing closing time, when we kept being told that Palestinians can only return to the Gaza Strip with their assigned transport, come tomorrow – there was no point in staying.

The three women, Abdallah and I dragged the heavy luggage and left.

I also learned that the people entering and exiting the Gaza Strip are forbidden to do so with suitcases that have wheels. I am certain there is a ‘security’ explanation. I just have not yet found out what it is.