Fuqeiqis -visiting the Jadallah family

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Smadar, Muhammad and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
פוקיקיס - בית משפחת ג'אדאללה. באופק התנחלות נגוהות א'


We went to an olive press where we bought olive oil.

Then we went to Fuqeiqis, the small village which unfortunately is located in a wadi between the settlements Negohot A and B.

We have written more than once about the Jadallah family which suffers from the lone settler Hagai Nissim who enters their land with his herds. Once they had to shoot his dog which  entered and attacked them. According to the family, he continues to pass through their territory with his herd and to attack with his dogs.

They also say that Hagai Nissim planted olives, vines and almonds on the land of the Nasser family, their neighbors. We will continue to follow what is happening.

We didn't dare to approach the settlement this time, because the last time we came to see the Hagai Nissim’s farm, the security car of the settlement immediately slid down the hill where Negohot A is located, and we were interrogated over the loudspeaker as to who we were and what we had done. The meeting was very unpleasant, to say the least.

From the photo taken from the Jadallah family's house, you can see the horizon on the hill Negohot A. You also see the development works, and the new roads they pave, and the preparation of the lands. We are following because it seems that they are planning an expansion of the settlements here.

There is a feeling that the village is being encircled, with the aim of increasing the Jewish settlement.

From a distance we also saw ruins of buildings from a place called Khalet al Taha. The ruins were on 13.11.22

The family told us and also showed the olive grove of the Ranem family, their neighbours. When they went to the olive harvest they discovered that vegetables had been sown by the settlers.

The Palestinians uprooted these seedlings that grew between the olive trees. So the settlers called the army, which responded with gas grenades.