Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

As we pass through the Meitar checkpoint, it is still crowded with the passage of older people with permits and merchants. The parking on the Israeli side has been increased and prepared for the buses of the companies that take the workers to work.

On Route 60 the soldiers are only at the Samu' corner. There are no soldiers at the Abda junction.

In a grocery store in al Fawwar there is a long conversation and we came out very pessimistic. The anger at Mahmoud Abbas and his cooperation with Israel is skyrocketing and there is no peace and there will be no peace ... There is anger against the Israelis is high rocketing.

It is very important that we continue to meet.

Beneath the pillbox at the Dura al Fawwar junction, two Palestinian civilians came to look for the lost identity card of their son. The identity card was not returned to him and they ask the soldiers to find out where the ID is. The soldiers call for an Arab-speaking soldier and try to convince him that the guy lost the ID and they returned it. They look for his ID and do not find it. All discourse is between occupiers and occupied  and as if with dignity. The soldiers are polite. But everyone knows who the powerful ones are. After about twenty minutes, the Palestinians leave. It is very expensive for the Palestinians to have  a new ID card issued. At least the young man is not in custody.


Preparations under the house of Mrs. Abu Haykal for the official opening of the Archaeological Park in Hebron and according to the diggers there were no finds from earlier periods. Archaeologists are building a historical right to Hebron.We meet Mrs. Abu Haikal on her way to file a complaint with the Giv'at Avot police.She does not agree to the lift which we propose as there is  a separate entry for Palestinians from Area H1.

The rest of Hebron is deserted, except for Palestinian tractors that are cleaning and build the Zion Route.

Bassem tells us that he took the asphalt cylinders to the roof of his roof with his hands because the soldiers stopped the person who brought them last week and he did not wait for the commander's decision.

It's very bad in Hebron.

פלסטינים נשואי פנים באו לפילבוקס שבצומת לחפש את תעודת הזהות של הבן
הכניסה לבסיס  צה״ל בחברון שאתמול אישרו בממשלה לבנות במקומו 31. יחידות דיור