Burin (Yitzhar), Eliyahu Crossing, Habla Checkpoint (1393), Nabi Ilyas, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Fathiya Akfa, Esty  Weingarten, Riva Bachrach (reporting) Driver: Mustafa from Kafr Qasem; Translator: Louise Levi

13:45  Hable agricultural checkpoint (opposite Qalqiliya)

Four young men/ teenagers? standing under the roof are waiting for their friend. There's no school because today is the last day of the "Eid ul Adha" holiday.

14:00  Eliyahu Crossing

            Nabi Elias

Hardly anybody is crossing through the gate. There is not much traffic anywhere due to the holiday.

14:10  Kafr Jit

An army Jeep is parking at the junction. It's probably connected to the "Sela" army post due to Kfar Attil. Israelis are not allowed to enter since this is area A, close to Nablus.

There are soldiers at the Hawara checkpoint as well as at the bus stops along the road in order to protect the settlers (especially from Itamar). There are no delays. We speak to a young soldier, about 19 years old, who approaches us wondering what we are doing at the checkpoint. He is quite friendly and listens to our explanation but he insists that this area is part of "Eretz Israel". When we try to contradict him he tells us that he has passed his geography matriculation exam so he knows the area well….

We drive on. From above we see Beit-Furik which has grown and expanded a lot. There are soldiers in the tower but not outside. We drive on in the direction of Huwara. At the Awarta checkpoint there is an entrance to Nablus, so the gate is closed.

We drive through Burin trying to reach the local council in Madama, but because of the holiday nobody answers our calls. Fatchiya speaks to the greengrocer next to the council building and he gives the same explanation.  We also realize that we won't be able to reach Einabus, Beita or Burin because of the holiday eve. 

15:40  Beita is not closed!

Za'atra junction:

A  soldier is standing on the side of the road. An army vehicle is also parking there.

Many Palestinian vehicles are driving from the Za'atra junction towards Hawara. (No cars are going in the opposite direction.)

16:00 At the traffic lights in Kafr Mas'ha.

16:05  At the Shomron Crossing.