Dahariya and its neighborhood

Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Tal H.

Dahariya and surroundings
On our way to Hebron we heard on the radio news that the Israeli army caught a woman at a checkpoint, holding a bag. The time was 8:30 a.m. We looked at each other and decided not to proceed to Hebron. We are already used to what happens to us when we go there on a day like this, and we couldn’t face it, so we went to Dahariya. There too Israeli occupation has its way, but with (almost) no Jewish settler-colonists it is somewhat more palatable… (?)


The sign leads to Oron quarries that regularly steal the Palestinians’ nature resources. Whoever wishes to learn more about this is invited to “Navot’s vineyard”, Dror Etkes’s website.

A new neighborhood is being built in the Tene-Omarim settler-colony. The ones actually constructing it are Palestinian workers. Livelihood above all, they told us when we talked. We did this next to the rising building and took care to photograph them from afar.

And this is the entrance to Tene-Omarim settler-colony. It used to be completely secular. Now it houses both the evacuees of the former Gaza Strip Jewish settler-colonies, and belongs to the South Hebron Hills settler-colonist regional council. Their secular children attend school in my neighborhood of Omer. It is hardly possible to rid them of the negative effects of the settler-colonists.

Rumor has it that the checkpoint on the old road 60 leading to Dahariya will be opened.

הדרך המובילה למחצבות אורון
השכונה החדשה שבונים בהתנחלות טנא-עומרים
הכניסה להתנחלות טנא-עומרים