Etzion DCO: Settlers threw stones at a Palestinian vehicle

Shlomit Steinitz and Netanya Ginzburg (Reporter and Camera)
אולם המתנה בתןך מת"ק עציון, אנשים ממתינים בישיבה או בעמידה
אנשים ממתינים בעמידה בכניסה למת"ק עציון


Although we have been approached only a few times it is also important that we go to talk to those who do not approach us and do not enter the DCO, but sit there while they wait for friends or family who have entered the DCO. We are often asked what we are doing there, and after a preliminary explanation we ask that they take a picture of our badge and pass it on to others who may need our help.

One man, who came from the Emirates and now lives in Fawwar near the Beit Hagai settlement, says they have many problems with the settlers there. He himself is a taxi driver and learns to be a journalist in Ein Reuven. His father still works at the Emirates and returns home every now and then for 20 days and has no problem when he returns. 

People sit or stand waiting to enter the DCO offices.

 A man approached and said that someone from Kiryat Arba threw stones at his car along with other young men, women and children. We gave him leap's number and  Yes Din's.  

A man from the Heredion complained that the Civil Administration took from him  1,200 dunams and surrounded his house, which was built in 1965, in a fence. He wants to build a gas station and can't. He was told by the DCO to come talk to Abdul Aziz.  We suggested that he contact Hagit Ofran from Yir amim. He said that since he is married to an Israeli citizen, he has a bleu i/d card...

One man wrote a post on facebook and was in jail  for 16 months, so he did not manage to finish his degree. He wrote about the revolution, human rights, people…….all of which of course are not included in the Israeli book of rights for Palestinians.