Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Ariela (reporting) and M.; Translator: Natanya

We heard from Azzam that an attempt had been made to burn his mud oven in his yard and we decided to see it from up close.

At the Meitar crossing the Palestinian parking lot is full.

On the way to Susiya on road 317 we pass Ashael which is developing.

On the way the pillbox “guards the shepherds".

Susiya:  From the the sign which shows the entrance the name in Arabic has been crossed out.
We reached Azzam's well-tended tent, and he  told us that on Saturday night around 6:30 PM, after they had finished handling all the animalsinfo-icon,  people who were passing  by the tent noticed the fire rising from the tabun. The fire burned above the tabun and not inside it, so it is clear to Azzam that this was deliberate arson. I just think what could have happened if the fire had not been extinguished in time.

Azzam told of further harassment of villagers. Nasser, also a member of the village, and several people went to plow their lands near Othniel and the settlers set their their dogs on him. Nasser had to receive  medical treatment.

When I asked them how they were going through the winter in the tent, he replied that what is most disturbing to Azzam is the noise of the wind, the rain and the hail on the tarpaulins which does not let him sleep.

Azzam told us about his daughter-in-law, who graduated with honors in economics and mathematics fr omthe university, but she has no  work !!!

At the end of the conversation and the wonderful hospitality of Azzam's wife, in his wonderful Hebrew, Azzam said:

"You and I  will change the world" . Something has to be done together. Food for thought.


A map of the area