Activity in the kindergarten of Hashem al Darij

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Fatima, Zada, Mohammad (report by Mira, according to Muhammad and Fatima, and with the help of Azzam)

Meitar border point: Crowded in the exit direction from Israel to the occupied territories. We have already written about the heavy traffic in Saturdays, mainly towards Daharia.

Road 317: Military observations in cross roads. Also at the Tauani- Yatta pass, on the Yatta side. The big brother eye on Saturdays.   

Visit in the Hashem el Darij kindergarten: At the beginning of the visit, the kindergarten environment was viewed, including the classroom and the courtyard. Fatima has contacted few friends in order to get help in the repair of the kindergarten yard. We brought winter clothing to the children and to Huda and Haula (38 winter coats, 38 winter shirts). We also brought winter scarves to Huda, Haula and Amna. The number of children in the kindergarten has decreased, due to the pasture season.

Zada conducted a meeting about the children capabilities and performance. They checked the children's files, and discussed feedback reports from previous months, which generally, point on constant progress.  Zada talked about methods to teach letters and syllables, using drawing on the sand and in the air, and discussed how to use these methods.   At the end of the meeting, Huda complained about the constant lack of stationary materials: drawing and writing paper, pens and copybooks, and the difficulties it creates. For example, they cannot let children draw freely, as they would wish.

Since the visits are on Saturdays, when children are not present in the kindergarten, Fatima has asked Haula to take photos during weekdays and pass them with Whatsapp, so to enable some follow-up.

At the end of the visit, they met some people from the village council, and asked them to take care of the kindergarten environment, so to make it safer. A promise was made.

Umm-el-Kheir: The kindergarten still does not operate.

Pictures of past activities in the preschool – the album gallery of Gan Huda: