Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Ariela Slonim (photographing) and Michal Tsadik (repoting) ; Translator: Natanya
אשה עם שני דגלים

Road 60

At Abda the checkpoint is at last open. At the turning to Bani Na’im are many soldiers on both sides of the road and also military vehicles.

In Hebron, rejoicing and happy, about a thousand tourists from France arrived in dozens of buses. They belong to an extreme right-wing organization that comes every year in solidarity with the State of Israel and conducts parade of flags.

Israeli flags flyeverywhere on cars and even as a garment for some women.

The organization which is called “Israel Forever" is seen on one of the men's shirts preparing for the march.

We could not stay to see.

Knesset members will arrive later and there will be a rally in honor of the guests, they tell us.

We saw the preparation of the large tent.

(We heard the enthusiastic speech of Miri Regev in the evening)

In Abed's are  tourists from Japan and the United Stateswho came from Bethlehem with a guide from the hotel where they were staying. According to the guide, he shows them the full  picture of Hebron from all sides and its  complexity.

When I asked the French tourist who came from America for his opinion, he said he did not want to take a political stand.

On the steps in front of Beit Hadassah, youths try to get into the neighborhood. The soldiers only allow those who live there to go up. One boy who comes with a tray of traditional cakes and tries to sell them is not allowed to go up.

"You do not live here and you must not go up," the soldier says.

We did not intervene. One does not interfere with the soldiers in carrying out their duties, especially on a day fraught with such patriotism