Ronit Dahan Ramati (reporting) Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

We arrived at Qalandiya about 5.20. We parked and went by foot to the Palestinian side.  At this time of the year it is already getting light. Inside we saw that the lines reached the parking lot. And only 4 of the 5 windows were open. But later the lines grew shorter and the 5th window also opened so that  the lines did not extend outside the shed.

It is the high point of the fast of Ramadan and therefore the baigel seller is not present. The people in line do not drink or smoke. The kiosk already vanished the previous week. We did not see any progress in the openings in the wall near to the place where the kiosk stood. The parking lot if empty and the entrance to it is blocked.

Because the lines were not long, the women entered the usual line with no problems. There were a fair amount of people but the windows appeared to be working efficiently and the people passed at a good pace. At about 6 the change of shift in the aquarium took place. After that the guards arrive  and then the policewoman . We did not see a representative of the DCo. Women and those who have the right to pass through the humanitarian line  were sent to the usual line which was not long. We did not see any elderly people who usually can only pass at 8am being returned. A group of women  wearing the white Hagib who were evidently going to El Akza waited in the shed. At one point they joined the line, but we saw afterwards the they waited inside as they were not allowed to pass until 8.

‘Only at about 6.20 two representatives of the DC0 arrived  and together with them the veteran battalion commander, P.,  whom we have not seen in long time.  But because the lines were already very short the humanitarian gate was not opened and everyone passed in the usual line with no problems.

At about 6.30  we left and passed within 25 minutes.