Bethlehem (300)

Hanna Barag; Translation: Naomi Gal

04:45 to 8:00

They told us that at the entrance to the Palestinian side of the checkpoint that there is a very long queue but it’s progressing reasonably (is there anything reasonable at the checkpoints?) After entering, the Palestinians begin a "crazy" rush across the field and to the lanes that lead to the magnetometers checks. All three worked. 
On the Israeli side, we saw long lines and the passage took about 45 minutes to an hour, from the magnetometers to the exit. At about 06:00 I heard "noises" from the Palestinian side, but the passers claimed that it was an argument between drivers. Maybe, maybe not - it is difficult to know.

I asked my acquaintances if there is a change in the conduct of the checkpoint now, during Ramadan days, comparing to normal times, and was told that it’s more difficult now, since many arrive late on account of their breakfast before the fast begins.

Nothing really changed since we started our days at the Bethlehem Checkpoint (300) many years ago - years of occupation had instilled some "order" and it seems that everyone had already "internalized" it. One day the occupation will end, but the checkpoints and their exploits will not be easily forgotten.