Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Nina and  Hagit Sar Shalom; Translator: Netanya.

At Samoa, Dahariya and Abde there is no army presence.

But next to the spring of Al Fawwar there is an army vehicle and a soldier with rifle at the ready.  

The junction  of El Fawwar is closed in all directions. A procession of taxi drivers in yellow cars turn to us in anger. Yesterday the junction was also closed. There are soldiers at the post and one of them is willing to explain to us why this is closed. “There has been an attack. A few hours ago stone were thrown at an Israeli car and people were hurt.” He asked us to go back to our car “so as not to endanger yourselves.”

It seems that every now and  again they open the road and allow cars through.

At the entrance to Hebron (next to the home of Hagai) is a checkpoint and a procession of cars go past one by one

At the entrance to Bani Naim as always is a  vehicle and soldiers.

Hebron – next to the House of Contention….the entire area is decorated with large Israeli flags and a sign which has remained on a building with the text for the Torah

"From the House of Peace to the Tomb of the Patriarchs."

Also all along the way to Tel Rumeida there are many Israeli flags. At the top things are quiet and the soldiers in their posts.

Another area is dafke decorated with Palestinian flags.

The new checkpoint at Kapisha is already surrounded with high fences.

There is the atmosphere of Ramadan in the streets which are quiet and almost empty.

And again the signs ,” continuing with Zionism, building and sovereignty.