South Hebron Hills

Ariela (photographing), Michal (reporting); Translator: Natanya
העימותים עם המתנחלים
המוזיאון באת-תוואני

We drove to Tuwani after we had received reports of the problematic events such as the army's searching houses at the night in the last days.

N. and his son say that after a four-year break, the army arrived at the house on Monday night at 11 PM. They took everyone out and asked to sit on the ground.  They took IDs  to be checked and after about an hour left. They do not understand what they were looking for or why they came.

He tells of events which had occurred with the settlers and the army during the month, Including a day of detention at the Givat Ha'avot police station in Hebron.

They showed  us some  videos which were very hard to watch.

N.  invited us  to a large room on the ground floor of his home where he and his wife are trying to open a place to study the local art. They are organizing a corner with pictures of the history of the confrontation with the settlers and the army and at the entrance made a kind of environmental sculpture from all the packages of gas and smoke grenades fired at them.

The son, a 22-year-old graduate of law school at Hebron University, speaks excellent English but cannot find a job. Where would he turn his skills and energy at his age.

To the God of conquest are the solutions.