Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

Eliya Levie and Ruti Tuval (reporting and photographing

6:00 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint

Many of the workers had already crossed over and are now waiting for transportation. Transporters fills up the parking area. The car park on the side of the Seam line zone is filled up.

We cross the checkpoint without stopping.

There is still some parking space on the Palestinian car park.

In front of the carousel  there is a rather long line (relatively to the last weeks). Our acquaintance E. says that it has got to do with the change of shifts at this time of day. Her himself is banned from crossing and his matter is taken car for.

The first group of 250 workers has crossed the carousel within seven minutes.


6:50 Ya'abed –Dotan checkpoint

The checkpoint is vacant and we decide to drive East ward. We drove through Ya'abed, a well-cared for town; Trimed trees  a somewhat sleepy place but children are on their way to school. We stopped  at the entrance to take a photo and were rebuked by a driver saying: "At least you could shut the door".


7:20 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

On the way to the checkpoint we've notice new lighting poles. Those coming out of the checkpoint report that passage is slow an, and annoying. The computer is out of order and inspection is  done  manually. Physical inspection is strict. Soldiers do not allow us to look inside the sleeveinfo-icon "This is a military zone". "So what are civilians doing here?" we ask. there is a momentary bewilderment, maybe. The office on sight ends it by :"Here we do not talk Politics " and he is truly not interested in hearing what it is like to live under occupation not even to mention school children watched by a soldier with a pointed gun. What can one do.


צועד אל המחסום בדרך לביה''ס.jpg
 14/5/2017  photo Ruti Tuval