'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tzafrira Zamir, Neta Golan (reporting, photos). Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
מחסום ברטעה: התוספת החדשה למחסום
The New Addition to the Barta'a Checkpoint
Neta Golan


14:30 – Tura – Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint was empty and quiet.  Two people crossed to the West Bank and two cars crossed to the seamline zone.  The garbage bin was full but the area around it was clean.

The road leading to the checkpoint was bright black and there were lampposts of two different heights alongside it.   In the parking lot opposite the army base at the turn to the settlements of Shaked, Hinanit, and Tal Menashe  onstruction work was being done, but we didn't know its purpose.  

14:50 – A'anin Checkpoint

About 10 people and three tractors loaded with junk were waiting to cross.  The military policemen arrived and opened the checkpoint on time, at 15:00.  People were called one by one to be checked.  What needs to be checked when people are on their way home?  We heard the call to prayer of the Muezzin from A'anin. 

By 15:10 everyone had crossed.  We did not stay to wait for any others to arrive, but the soldiers had to remain until the checkpoint closed at 15:30.

 15:20 – Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint, Palestinian Side

The parking lot was filled with cars and disorderly, and there were also many cars parked on both sides of the road.  The Palestinian attendants were still there but were not bothering to keep order at this time of day.  The construction of the new shed has progressed, but the work is far from complete.  The two existing improvised sheds serve as a place for prayer and the other has a kiosk and a small market.  There were coffee, snacks, oriental- and western-style sweets, and tomatoes and strawberries from the Jordan Valley are on sale.  Many people were returning home at this hour. Two people asked for our help: one showed us a form that stated some misdemeanor that was not clear, and the other was a "regular" case of being banned from entering Israel.  We advised both to call Sylvia.          

16:00 – We left after visiting an improvised store selling oriental sweets from the trunk of a car.