Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting) H. K. (translator)

We arrived at 06:35, the gate was shut, we contacted DCO Ephraim and were informed of the change: The opening hours of the gate are from 07:00 to 08:10. There were many persons waiting. The checking began as usual with the quintet system. Later they added a manual check at the watchmen’s shed, fearing they wouldn’t cope with all.

There was an innovation at the CP – tar is scattered or rather tar grains to prevent floodings and mud. While we were standing there a tender with commanders stopped near us for a conversation (they know Shoshi). When we asked about the change in opening hours they assured us that the Palestinians are aware of them as they informed the head of the council. They told us that they were trying to catch the persons going out to work in Israel and not in their own agricultural plots.

At 08:10 the checking was finished and the gatesinfo-icon were closed.