Northern checkpoints, Tura: Routine and military waste

Hanna Heller, Shula Nachmias (reporting) Chana Stein translating.

06.00. Ba’arta-Rehan checkpoint

Lively movement without any apparent delay of workers from the West Bank towards the seamline zone and Israel, mainly Harish.

One person approached us about a friend who has been banned entry by Security. We gave him Sylvia’s phone number.

We were told that people working in Harish are not allowed to pass through Barta’a checkpoint, and they have to pass in Taibeh or in Jalameh. Also, requests for work permits in Barta’a encounter difficulties without explanation.

06.30. Farmers’ checkpoint A’anin.

The checkpoint opens on time, checking is done at the inner gate, over 8o people passed (till[?] we were there). People told us that yesterday the checkpoint opened more than an hour late. 70 people arrived, but only 15 were allowed to pass. Today 8 people were prevented – the reason apparently that their clothing was not suitable for farming …

One person approached us. He is over 50 and entitled to pass without a permit, but he is not permitted to do so because in 1989  he was banned by Security. He wants to cancel this ban.

07.15. Tura-Shaked checkpoint.

Routine. The pupils pass without delay.