Northern Barriers: Harvest 2021 begins

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Hagar D. and Hannah H. Marcia L., Translation

 16.30 – 14.45

The Northern Checkpoints: The Olive Harvest 2021 Begins

Road 611 - Crossing the Separation Fence in the area works as it usually does.  Workers--with permits or without--go down next to the breach (in the fence) at Qeiqis village and cross to cars that wait for them in the parking lot.

15:10 - Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

The Checkpoint is empty but filthy (nothing new).  Only one car with passengers from Daher al Malec passes to the West Bank.  Here also, the breach in the fence is still wide open.

15:30 - Anin Checkpoint

Two farmers with tractors joined M. and his son today.  They begin to prepare the olive groves (primarily cleaning) for the harvest which will begin after the 15th of the month.  Today they began the harvest with edible olives.  The District Command vehicle arrived; everyone waits for the soldiers who will come to remove the yellow pillars and allow the tractors to pass.  The residents and people from the District Command unite and carry on a lively conversation.  Obviously, the rest of them went ahead and passed through the gap in the fence.


16:00 - Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

At the moment there aren’t a lot of workers returning home, but the stream of people gets stronger around 16:30.  The exit from the West Bank to Barta’a terminal is closed and people with packages go up to the road that is exposed to the sun via the vehicle checkpoint.