Around Hebron: The army is afraid of the corona, we are not

Hagit Back, translated by Shuli Bar

The second wave of the corona is felt in the air. Only few cars in the parking lot of the Meitar checkpoint. On the Israeli side, cars are waiting for workers who do not arrive. Only traders and agricultural workers have a daily transit license. The rest of the workers can only return home for the weekends. This does not stop the police car that distributes unlimited traffic reports there. 
We drove through Route 317 and met at the Ziff Junction with the grocery store owner. They are not afraid of the corona and say the army is afraid, which is what makes their lives easier. 
The Palestinian Authority has lowered the blockades to the villages and everyone is worried about the lack of sufficient livelihoods. 
We met the residents of the village of Nazlin from afar. Everything is fine, they tell me ....