Qalandiya - a young Palestinian woman was shot on Saturday

Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

Chronicle of a fore-known murder

It’s a bloody checkpoint, Qalandiya. Many men and women have been murdered here in those few square meters. People are not shot to be stopped. They’re shot there to be killed.

The last one in a long line of murder victims is Ibtisam Ka’abana, a young Palestinian woman who was shot on Saturday around noon, June 12, 2021, fell down on the asphalt and lay in her own blood until she died.

The asphalt on which Ibtisam’s blood was shed, as was the blood of many Palestinian men and women before her is mute. It does not know how to tell whether they shouted as they died, or sighed, or called out for their mom or their children or perhaps their god.

But there many witnesses to this event on Saturday, witnesses who saw her lying in her own blood and could not do a thing to help her or drag her out of the line of fire. Why? Because the gatesinfo-icon of the checkpoint for vehicles and for pedestrians were closed.

Furthermore – from both sides came ambulances that were not allowed to come close and offer help to the woman lying there in her own blood, neither to the Jerusalem ambulance nor to the one from Ramallah.

For two and a half hours or more, the checkpoint was closed.

Yes, at the entrance is sign saying only vehicles are allowed through, but it does not say that the penalty for any pedestrian entering it is an execution. It does not say that anyone not riding a car is doomed to die.

There was or was not a knife present. That would not be a fact, certainly not the main one. The main thing is that one person, armored, one of many, armed with a rifle, shot many bullets at the target in order to kill a helpless woman.

Many shots were fired, all to the upper body of Ibtisam, said witnesses, none of whom noticed a knife – present in the authorities’ version.

I heard bang-bang-bang… Many times, said one.

I counted seven shots, said another.

Why did Ibtisam, who lives far away in a Jericho refugee camp, come to the Qalandiya Checkpoint?

The answer can only be surmised. Ibtisam can no longer be asked.

But clearly, the shooters could have overtaken this woman and all the others shot there with a kick or a shot at the leg of the person who scares them, whom they choose to kill with authority and permission.