Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya

The occupation is decorated in new colours

The pictures show 

The bulldozer waiting near the base of the Yehuda unit at Manoah Hill. For the moment he is resting.

The checkpoint at the entrance to the Tomb of the Patriarchs opposite Abed's shop and the the brown concrete blocks which are waiting for plants. Like to walk with and  to feel without ....

This is the way a Palestinian is stopped and checked next to the entrance to Our father Abraham (Avraham Avinu). They allowed him to  go on but not before they had checked his entire body and we stood and photographed.

The Policeman checkpoint was also decorated with wooden beams and with a welcome to those who arrived. As if in that  that way you can feel freer .....

Curve 160.

We were there more than half an hour because a 14-year-old boy was stopped because his name was not included on the list of those allowed to pass through the checkpoint.   When they did not let him pass he decided to jump over the checkpoint. The soldiers followed and caught him. They kept him until the police came for

His friends were waiting for him and his father arrived. It turns out that all checkpoints have a list of  people who are allowed to pass and it is not up to date. The family is new in the area. Our presence irritated the soldiers and we were worried that they would take revenge on him. So I left the place but not before I had asked for the help of R., who is of the Association of Civil Rights. Another woman also came to help him. She lives at the actual checkpoint and we exchanged phone numbers. She said this was not the first time that this had happened and that she would keep us informed.

And besides that, Marquis, everything is fine and besides nothing is new.