Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Neta G. – Reporter Marcia L.  Translation

The North, 13.05.2019 (Afternoon)
Within the framework of the program called “On the Way to Recovery,” the transportation of Palestinians who are ill to and from the West Bank to the hospitals in Israel, I took our young friend Ali and his mother from Rambam Hospital to the Reihan Checkpoint.  Those of us from the North know Ali from his childhood.  He is fighting his illness with courage and determination.  His devoted mother is no less a hero than Ali.

13:15 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint, the Palestinian Side
Ali and his mother were given special permission to cross at the Palestinian side through the vehicle checkpoint, the pathway reserved for Israelis, because many times his health condition was so poor that he couldn’t stand on his feet in line like others.  Therefore, we don’t enter the large parking lot, but with Ali’s directions, we continue on to the parking lot above the road to the bottom of Zabde.  Ali is already an adult and he has his own car and driver’s license.  He drives his mother home.

The parking lots above the road are almost empty.  The official parking lot, which is large, is very full.  As yet, at this hour, there are no people returning from work.

On the way back, the security guard at the vehicle checkpoint asks what I am doing in this place.  When I answered that I was transporting Ali and his mother, he opened the checkpoint immediately.

13:40 Tura-Shaked Checkpoint
I dropped by Tura Checkpoint because I thought that I would meet the high school students who pass through the checkpoint on their way from schools in the West Bank to their homes in Daher al Malec in the Seamline Zone.  I made a mistake.  The checkpoint was quiet and empty.

13:50 – A man and woman waited in the neglected shed.  Each one telephoned to someone who was supposed to come and transport them, but as yet no one came.  I asked if they wanted to ride with me to Umm Reihan.  The man agreed immediately and the woman hesitated.  He spoke with her and she gave in.  We traveled and separated with blessings for a good Ramadan.