Huda preschool, Hashem-al-Daraj

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Fatima, Jasmin, Mohammad (report by Fatima)

9:30 a.m. – 13:00 p.m.
Subject: Consultation and supervision for the teachers at Huda preschool, Hashem-al-Daraj

Road 317: All entrances to the small villages are newly blocked. The military bulldozer worked hardly over here.

We visited the kindergarten as supervisors: Fatima is the Principal of the Zanuta school, and Yasmin is a kindergarten teacher from Yata. We aim at providing:

* Practices and lessons in teaching children. 

* Advice in managing the kindergarten.

In this visit, we concentrated on the usage of songs and movement:

*  Usage of music and songs in children instruction.

*  How to use body language and miming in teaching kids

*  How to use colorful posters in the leaning process..

It seems that the number of kids in the kindergarten activities is growing – probably a good sign. Huda asked for additional books for them.

Pictures of the activity in the preschool – the album gallery of Gan Huda: