A-Tuwani, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya

Sunday at the Meitar checkpoint, after a violent conflict that took place at night between workers and drivers, the traffic was congested. Near the checkpoint, reinforcements of army, police and border vehicles were stationed.

 We drove towards at-Tuwani, the fields are green, there is not much traffic, occasionally a military / police vehicle ....

Our friends from at-Tuwani using the beautiful day took advantage and went out on all sorts of errands.

We drove to Mufakara, met Mahmoud Abu Ashraf, who has been sowing his crops for 13 years in the field (of a-Rakiz resident, with permission of course) near Mitzpe Abigail. Two months ago, they confiscated his tractor on the grounds that it was used on state land. To date, the tractor has not been returned to him and conditions have been set: the tractor will only be returned if he signs that he will no longer enter the area. He is not ready to sign, and in the meantime ..., a settler is planting olive trees there in the area where he had been planting for 13 years

We continued to Fadel, who was out on the land with the sheep, the children at school, and only the women at home. Because of the extreme cold, some of them slept in the cave, below the buildings.

Meanwhile, Fadel has repeatedly said that they have almost no grazing land left , because the settlers are taking over more and more lands and these lands are being declared state lands. They took the work permit of his son to work in Israel in the country and he can not go to work. The GSS took and did not explain to him why ....

Now you have to go to Nablus, settle the matter and of course pay a lot of money!

 Another day under military rule.