Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yehudit K. (reporting) and Muhammad D.

The Meitar checkpoint was more than usually pressured with lines of transitees backing up almost to the main road.  There were also a considerable number of people trying to enter without a permit. Route 60 was very busy in both directions (Israel/West Bank). We went to visit our acquaintance Azam in the village of Susiya. Just the previous night  settlers had thrown an incendiary object - probably a stick or bottle wrapped in a gasoline soaked rag - and burned a hole in Azam's taboun: a stone-built oven used for baking, roasting etc. The taboun is some distance from Azam's house but "fortunately" for him the deed was done in the early evening and other people saw the blaze. Even so considerable damage was done and Azam will need to rebuilt the whole thing. Mohammed took photographs which I will try to forward.  The incident was not reported to the police since  this was deemed a waste of time to do so.

On the previous weekend the villagers had gone to work their agriculture lands at some distance from Susiya when they were attacked by settlers with dogs. Nasser, the representative of the human rights organization B'tselem was bitten in the leg and in the arm. We tried to contact him (he is a resident of the village) but he had gone to Yata the neighbouring town. It is not clear whether he lodged a complaint with the police.