Habla CP 1393 - a daily delay in opening the gates

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Nina S. and Herzliya E. ; Translator: Hanna K.

The occupation routine, everybody knows what is expected of him, soldiers and Palestinians alike and “peace” reigns everywhere.

Opening hours: from 07:10 to 08:10.

07:10 it is cold. There are no persons waiting near us but beyond the faraway gate we see people waiting. The soldiers have not yet arrived.

07:15 The soldiers have arrived. According to one of the waiting people the soldiers are everyday late.

07:25 The gatesinfo-icon have been opened and the waiting people begin hurrying out. The man waiting next to us, a night watchman, returns home at the village. It seems that night watchmen who hold permit no. 00 are not required to show passage licenses. The passage takes place quickly.The queue grows when people arrive from Habla. Cars, carts, everything passes quickly enough.As is well known there is no transfer of goods anymore.(last time we were here in the afternoon a plant nursery owner A. Was busy arranging the queue for the next day for people who intended passing goods by the Elijahu CP, as there is no transfer of goods by the Habla CP which is near those plant nurseries. They are therefore obliged to pass by the Eliyahu CP and undergo thorough checks there. He does it every day in the afternoon, so that even here there is a routine and institutionalisation, almost like a Work Roster in a Kibbutz). The school minibus leaves the village empty. One of the men who passes by us tells us that the schoolchildren are on holiday for two weeks.

08:10 The queue lessens.

08:15 The gates are being closed.