Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:30 When we arrived, there were many cars in the lot and a few people in the hall. One of those waiting said that yesterday too he waited in DCL. At 3 pm there were over a hundred people in the hall. The soldiers did not work and did not let people in. So, he came back today. We waited with him. Some people arrived, and after 10 minutes, the soldier let them all in. A young man with a limp tried to reach them to enter with them. The soldier told him politely: "Slowly-slowly." A man arrived, who was summoned by GSS, he didn’t go in but approached us, described his problem and asked for advice and a phone number. The soldier instructed him to get a number and go in. The man explained that he is delayed in order to get a phone number. The polite soldier did not urge him and allowed him to get the phone number. The lasting kindness soaked the hall in a pleasant atmosphere and proved how easy it is to give Palestinians a good feeling. More people arrived. One of them said his house borders on CP 300. The house belonged to the Patriarchate as the land around it. It was built before 1967, but this did not prevent the State of Israel from demolishing it about 5 years ago. The man built a small brick house instead but the State of Israel was quick to destroy it too. According to him, the Patriarchate has begun legal proceedings against the state and if the matter would not be solved, "it will turn to Europe", (International Court?) We advised him to talk to "Yesh Din". To the GSS prevented who approached us, we advised according to the regular practice.