Natanya Ginsburg, Chana Stein, a reporter of Chinese television network, Hanna Barag (reporting) Chana Stein (translating)

04.00-07.30. The Chinese television reporter interviewed me at home at 4 in the morning, and photographed me leaving for the checkpoint. Natanya and Chana arrived directly to the checkpoint towards 05.15. The lines were long but advanced at a ‘reasonable’ pace. By 07.00 the place was already empty. The ‘Humanitarian’ checkpoint opened only at 06.30. When we asked the officer for the reason for the delay, we heard “There is a shortage of manpower.” We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry … a shortage of manpower?

We learned that today there was a calling up of new checkpoint soldiers – Till when will this crime continue???

The building project seems to have stopped – perhaps the funds have run out?? What do you think?- Perhaps they have had regrets and decided to close Qalandiya (ha!ha!ha!)

A bit of comfort – one man blessed us for our presence.

Towards 07.30 we left, and crossed within seconds.

Qalandiya and all her ‘sisters’ are a crime. Free movement is a fundamental right of human rights, and this right is trampled on daily and hourly by Israel the occupier. It is our duty to protest this till the end of the Occupation!