'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan

Karin A. (driving), Roni S. (reporting) Naomi Gal Translating

Today is Eid al-Adha - people did not go to work today.

6:30 Anin - Agricultural Checkpoint

The checkpoint that is open only twice a week is open today on time but until 06:45 only one farmer passed on his tractor with his young son. The soldiers did not wait till seven o'clock, closing time, but closed fifteen minutes earlier, at 06:45.

Rihan-Barta'a Checkpoint is scheduled to open at 10:00 and whoever comes beforehand will be checked at the checkpoint on the road and will pass (according to Ron, the CP director). Several guys waited at the top parking lot and beside them we did not see anyone else. (Expect of course Israeli security personnel...)

07:00 Shaked-Tura 
It opened on time today. A young woman with a sweet babyinfo-icon-girl in her arms is waiting for her husband, who passed the checking with his car and is now taking her. They both thank us with a smile when we greet them for the holiday.

No one else is passing this morning... maybe they will arrive later. The checkpoint separating villages and families will close at midnight instead of at 22:00 to allow families to celebrate together.

The muezzins at the many mosques in the villages surrounding the checkpoint were competing among themselves: whose voice is louder.

After we passed the gate that closes in such an arbitrary way the entry to Zabde, we drove on till Yabed- Mevo Dotan Checkpoint. A big detour… There were no soldiers at the checkpoint of course but the road was beautiful and full of squills in full bloom.

We returned home through Harish, the city that is being built.