'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Karin A., Roni S., (Driving, reporting) Translation: Bracha B.A.

05:50 – Barta'a Reihan Checkpoint

The upper parking lot leading to Israel was filled with workers who were waiting for employers and contractors to take them to work.  There were also private cars that were picking up workers.  

We drove down to the lower parking lot to the entrance to the inspection facility.   We could see a lot of people making their way up the fenced-in sleeveinfo-icon going out.  About 12 loaded trucks are waiting to enter the vehicle inspection facility.  They were no longer waiting on the road or at the entrance to the large parking lot as they had in the past. 

06:05 – The parking lot was not full and people were not waiting in line.  Everyone was going inside.  We were told that workers come earlier because of Ramadan.  

We spoke to A. who runs his work by phone to his two sons who work with him since he cannot cross the checkpoint because he has been banned by the security services.  We talked about the situation, about the farmers who are being prevented from working their land and workers who cannot get to work.  We told him about the March of the Green Line.   We said goodbye and planned to meet again at the same place.


06:25 – There was no one in line and people were still arriving.  People were still waiting in the upper parking lot for their rides to work.


06:13 – A'anin Checkpoint

The gatesinfo-icon were open and an armed soldier was waiting facing in the direction from which the Palestinians would come.  

06:45 - The first people began to come out, among them many young people.  Two families dressed in holiday clothes carrying packages told us that they were on their way to visit family in the Bedouin village of Emricha on the road to Jenin to celebrate Ramadan.  Four tractors crossed.  About 60 people crossed the checkpoint.  One person was sent back because his permit had expired.


07:10 – Tura – Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint was open but no one was there.  Evidently the checkpoint had opened at 06:00 and everyone had managed to cross. 

There were no students and no one was waiting for rides.  Two shiny cars crossed the checkpoint from the Palestinian side.   A person told us that there is now a good commander in charge and people cross quickly, but before there had been a commander who took a half hour to pray and only then let people pass. 

We left at 07:25.

06.25 אין תור, בודדים מגיעים.  בחניון העליון רבים עדיין ממתינים להסעות שלהם לעבודה.


06.33 מחסום עאנין
השערים פתוחים, חייל עם נשק שלוף עומד ופניו לכיוון שממנו יגיעו הפלסטינים.

6.45 הראשונים יוצאים. הרבה צעירים. ממהרים במעלה הכביש.

שתי משפחות עם ילדים, כולם לבושים באופן חגיגי  וחבילות בידיהם, מספרים לנו שהולכים לבקר קרובים שלהם בכפר הבדואי אמריחה, על הכביש לג'נין, לכבוד הרמדאן.

4 טרקטורים עברו. בס"ה עברו כ60- אנשים. אחד נשלח בחזרה כי פג תוקף האישור שלו.


07.10 מחסום טורה שקד

המחסום פתוח אבל אין נפש חיה. מסתבר שהמחסום נפתח ב 06.30  וכולם כבר הספיקו לעבור.

אין תלמידים ואין ממתינים להסעה.

שתי מכוניות יפות ומצוחצחות עוברות את המחסום מהצד הפלסטיני.

אדם אחד עובר ומספר לנו "שעכשיו יש מפקד טוב והחיילים עובדים מהר, אבל קודם היה מפקד שהיה קודם כל מתפלל חצי שעה ורק אחר כך מתחילים לעבור..."

07.25 עוזבות.