'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hannah Heller, Ronny Shalit (reporting), Chana Stein translating.

05.45. Barta’a – Reihan checkpoint.

Ceaseless stream of workers come out of the checkpoint and report that passage is quick without problems. A young man with back problems, wearing an orthopaedic belt by doctor’s orders, says that he was told at the checkpoint to come without the belt and was threatened that this was the last time he was allowed to pass wearing it. Another worker reports that he had been refused entry into Israel for security reasons, but when this finished he was refused entry by the Police, without any reason, and now they do not renew his permit to pass. He knows our members who deal with such matters and he was told to wait..

6.05. Six checking windows are open and passage is quick. We leave at 06.25.

06.32. ‘Aanin checkpoint.

The soldiers (Military Police) were already there. Palestinians begin to come out one by one. A woman and her festively dressed little girl were not allowed through, and they returned towards the village. It turns out that although the two-year old child was registered in her mother’s I.D. card they were not allowed to pass, while the father did go through.,

 As only one member of the family has a permit to look after the olive grove, a brother and father did not receive a permit. The D.C.O. maintain that this is sufficient for a grove of that size.

Our redhead friend arrived laughing. The soldiers asked him why he is so cleanly dressed so cleanly and tidily. He told him that at his age it’s permitted…

Two soldiers with guns at the ready, march towards the far gate, to warn workers waiting there to pass to move away from the gate and to pass “one… one.”

About 20 workers passed, and 4 tractors.  One tractor was not allowed to pass, although its owner has a valid permit. After discussion with the soldiers, our friend who had already passed was called back and asked by the soldiers to move the tractor and move it outside the lower gate, because they wanted to take the tractor owner with them. After further clarification, the young man was released and sent home, although his documents were valid! He was told that on Wednesday (the day the checkpoint is open), he would be allowed to pass …..why?

07.10. We leave. On the way to Turah-Shaked checkpoint we see that the side entrance to Um Reihan that serves the farmers is blocked by large rocks.  On the way we passed youths sitting under a tree at the side of the road, and children marching to school, as on every day, through the checkpoint. A father brings hi small children by car every day from their home in Dhar el Maleh to the checkpoint, and they pass on their own.

People and cars pass in both directions.

The routine of the occupation…

07.35. We leave and are caught in traffic jams.