Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Nina S., Herzliyya A.; Translator:  Charles K.

Opening hours:  16:30-17:00

The occupation routine, everything’s been institutionalized, everything goes quickly as soon as the gate opens.

16:05  One person is waiting.  He says there aren’t any laborers because they all thought it would rain so they stayed home.  He’s a metalworker, employed in Matan, walks to work from Habla and goes through this gate because it’s the closest to Matan.

16:20  The soldiers arrived.  Workers returning home arrive and wait.

16:30  Voices and laughter are heard from the distant soldiers’ vehicle, while Palestinians returning from work wait and comment angrily.  They also complain that the soldiers are often late in the morning, sometimes as long as half an hour.

16:37  The soldiers slowly exit their vehicle and get organized unhurriedly.

16:40  The middle gate opens ten minutes late and they slowly move to open the exit gate from Habla, and then the entry gate to Habla.   Crossing is rapid – everyone goes through within 5 minutes.  That’s apparently because some of those waiting have 00 permits, nor is the computer used to inspect the others.  The vehicles are inspected and cross.  People now arriving cross immediately.  As it happened, many crossed today – about 80 – though most of them arrived later, just before the gate was to open.  There are also many vehicles coming from Habla to the seam zone.

17:00  The soldiers begin to close the gatesinfo-icon.