Etzion DCL

Observers: Shlomit S., Ora Ardon Chana Stein translating.

10.30. About 40 people were waiting quietly and in order in the waiting room. The recently introduced procedure which enables each person to get a number after typing in his/her identity number, creates a relaxed atmosphere. Only one man approached us. He said that he had been judged in a civil case and was fined.  After he paid the fine, he discovered that he had become refused a permit to enter Israel by the Police. This has made life difficult  for him. He is a building contractor and also supplies building stone. For 40 years he has been entering daily to Jerusalem.  Now it is hard for him to work.

He spoke fluent Hebrew.  When we asked him how he had learned, he said that he was a teacher and 40 years ago he was sent, together with other teachers, to study at Ulpan Akiva in Natanya. Berfore we left, we spoke with the polite soldier who continued to let people inside in order.