Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Alia L. and Ruti T. (Reporting), Marcia L., Translation

05:45 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

There is a great tumult in the upper parking lot.  There are many cars and taxis to pick up the workers.  Inside the new shelter next to the road, workers wait for rides.  Cars exit from the inspections area.  I buy coffee from the owner of a small stand that is some distance away from the checkpoint, almost to the junction.  He complains that his business has been hurt because of where he is situated.  Alia joins at 06:00 and we go down to the parking lot on the Palestinian side where there is still a lot of space.  One line of people spreads to the building that houses the new bathrooms.  This morning the checkpoint is less crowded than on other Sunday mornings; perhaps because of the rain?  The inside traffic of people is carried out at a steady pace but from time-to-time, the security guard who controls the turnstile, “invites” someone arbitrarily and in a vulgar tone, to empty the contents of his bag on the counter and to tell the guard where the worker is going.  One time the guard even locked the second turnstile, causing  people to “pile up” between the two turnstiles.  At 07:00, there is a short line of about 30 people and we leave.  On the way we are told that at the Yabed checkpoint that morning, there is no delay and that as far as the deep holes in the road permit, the traffic flows.


07:10 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint


There is a lot of traffic.  Cars bring passengers to the checkpoint and take them from there to the Seamline Zone.  A vehicle arrives from the single home and brings children, some of whom study in Tura and some of whom study in Umm-Reihan.  The last ones wait for transportation.  Children from Daher el Malec climb energetically from their village to the checkpoint, go through the sleeveinfo-icon and cross the checkpoint straight to the second gate.  They joyfully pass through to Area A (controlled by the Palestinian Authority) as if there is nothing more joyful than that.