Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachel Weizmann, Ruti Toval (observers and photographers), J.H. (translation)

15:30 Tura Shaked Checkpoint


כניסה למחסום טורה 11.12.16.jpg


המכולה במחסום טרוה.jpg

IDF detritus all around – trays and kosher meal packages overflow the garbage bin and are spread all around. Two ten year olds approach from the direction of Dahr Al-Malach and attempt to take a short cut through the vehicles’ crossing but are sent to the sleeveinfo-icon and the examination room.

Cars pass in both directions and someone comments to us that the soldiers are okay today.


15:50 Barta'a Riehan Checkpoint

Many laborers arrive now and we exchange friendly greetings. The crossing in the direction of the West Bank operates without delays. Someone says that it’s a shame we didn’t come in the morning, when things were very difficult.

We are approached by two drivers that have permits only for the seam zone. One of them is the father of a babyinfo-icon girl with heart problems who is being treated at Wolfson Medical Center; he tells us how difficult it is to get an entry permit into Israel in order to get to the hospital. We referred him to Silvia with the hope that she’ll be able to help him.