Ezion: The rate of granting permits is very slow

Shlomit S. Ora A. (reporting) Translation: Naomi Gal


The parking lot and waiting room were completely full. It turned out that only one soldier handles magnetic permits (like last week) and therefore the rate of granting permits is very slow.

A guy approaches us who has heavy tools, and he claims a soldier told him that if he sells him his tools, he will get a work permit in Israel. If that's true, isn't it a case of corruption?

An elderly man said an employer gave him a permit to work for him in agriculture, and was told he already had a permit from a company that builds in the settlements. He claims he did not ask for this work permit but the company does not cancel it. He was told that he should apply to the Sharia Court and obtain an affidavit that he is not working for the construction company and that he is seeking an “employer’s permit” from another employer.