Beit Anun - house demolition

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Michal (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
בית ענון - הדחפור הורס
בית ענון - יושבים בצל ההריסות

News came to our attention about the demolition of a house in Beit Anun, on 3.10.22. This is a village located five kilometers northeast of Hebron.

We went to see and talk to the people and understand what had happened. fWe sat with the owner of the house and his son.

It was a 400 square meter house that was used by 3 families. Remains of furniture and objects remained in the ruins.

They say that they received a demolition order a few months ago. They contacted the St. Yves organization in the hope that they would cancel the decree and they did not help. 

The women and children are now staying scattered with various family members.

The tragedy of the small citizens who are of no interest to anyone: they are full of anger, also at the Palestinian Authority that they say reaches various arrangements with the Israeli government, and they are the ones who pay the price. It is not clear why a house in the heart of Beit Anun was condemned to demolition.

True, area C. But still these are private estates of families. Why are they not allowed to build for their sons?

The man cries for help because he invested hundreds of thousands of shekels that went down the drain and he is in debt. Sitting here among the ruins of his house.

We probably can't help with anything other than advertising. They destroy in every corner and do not allow to live and in the settlements there is a big development boom.