Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Michal Ts.; Translator: Natanya.

Southern Hebron hills and Hebron

What the signs of the settlers tell us in Hebron and what the Palestinian souvenirs tell us.

In Hebron today all is quiet.  There are hardly any passersby. The soldiers at their posts look for shade.

A walled sity , dusty and conquered. Every now and again something which is happening under the heel of the conqueror bursts out. There is no ending in sight.

I had time again to look  at the signs , at the written  words and pictures  which had been chosen by the settlers and what  the Palestinians on the other hand feel and which is not written.

The Shuhada street is now officially called David Street by the Lords of the Land  as it is written that King David sat in Hebron for seven years.















And how does one explain that everything is shuttered and closed with signs. And what is happening in the industrial market? And what is written on the Visitor’s center next to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

"Yifat light of the holy city of the fathers,  wonderful city of Kiryat Arba, which is Hebron ......."

And opposite the souvenir shop of Abed with all the usual souveneirs.  Magnets, magnets, magnets and on them is written, “The dove of peace which has been shot, a child flying a balloon with a red heart, a child with a large garland of balloons which fly her high over the wall, a Palestinian fighter who throws…..a bunch of flowers.



Also on the small tray without the usual Hebron tiles ….which seems to express the thoughts of hope.