Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Michal; Translator: Natanya

Road 60

At the entrance to Samoa a unit of soldiers is marching in the field.

Also there are soldiers stationed at the cement blocks on the road.

At the entrance to Dahariya the checkpoint if manned by soldiers.

A little before the new pillbox at Abda, on the hill is a camoflauge net which seems to be a new vantage point on the road.

At the crossroads of Dura-Al fawwar soldiers come down from the pillbox and guard the road underneath.

Soldiers come down from the pillbox                                     Photographer: Michal Tsadik


At the entrance to Bani Naim are soldiers with pointed guns.


Tel Rumeida.

We are allowed to pass the Gilbert checkpoint because we asked to visit the Jewish cemetery.

Then we saw that behind the graveyard yet another checkpoint is being built.

Also next to one of the archeological sites which is on the land of Hanna Abu Heichel and which has been taken over a new checkpoint is being built.  At the Gross circle an am red soldier is standing.

Also on the roof of the wholesale market stands a soldier.


Final stages of a checkpoint to Kapisha neighbourhood
Michal Tsadik
A new checkpoint being built in Tel Rumeida beyond the Jewish cemetery
Michal Tsadik