Barta'a checkpoint returned to increased activity

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Hagar Dror and Hannah Heller (reporting) Translation: Naomi Halsted(מדווחת)

Since the terrorist attacks, the police have increased their inspections at Megiddo Junction, on the road to Haifa and the road to Hadera. Policmen examine the transit permits of Palestinian workers coming from the Jenin area.

Anin checkpoint: The checkpoint is supposed to open only after around 4 p.m., but the workers already start gathering here at 2:30 p.m. These days, about 35 workers pass through the checkpoint. Two soldiers (“the fence guards”) are there all the time, 24/7, therefore, a garbage container was brought here (and hopefully they will empty it when necessary) and a large water tank.

All along the roads opposite the security road and the sealed-up breaches in the fence, we see army tents used by the fence soldiers throughout the day, each tent for two soldiers.

Barta’a checkpoint: Very lively activity – buses, transit vans, and private cars constantly bringing workers who come down the long “sleeveinfo-icon.” Two groups of waiters come from the West Bank and go off to work at weddings in Arab villages in Wadi Ara. Several women and families with children from East Barta’a cross the checkpoint into the West Bank (no checks in that direction), and a young man from East Barta’a who is returning from a doctor’s appointment in Jenin tells us how difficult life is. He crosses into the West Banks only when he has essential errands to run. On the way back from Jenin, he is held up by having to pass three inspection machines. In fact, he lives in an enclave and has no possibility of living the life of a young man – going to the movies for example.

Tura checkpoint: Palestinian cars cross into the West Bank. About 20 workers return from working in the seamline zone and Israel and three young men from the seamline zone cross over to work in Ya’abed. In a camouflaged tent sit the fence soldiers, who are on guard duty here 24/7. All they have to do is to ensure that no one tries to remove the barbed wire and breach the fence again.