Etzion DCO: Few people come but the problems are not over

Shlomit Steinitz, Netanya Ginzburg (reports)

11.00 - 12.00

Very few cars were parked in the parking lot and the waiting room was empty. A number of people came and went straight through to the offices.  We met a Christian family, who came out smiling from the offices and pleased to tell us that they had received a permit to enter Israel.  A woman arrived with a package of documents, with which she hoped to prove ownership of the family's land. We exchanged a few words with her.  Two people, who are not allowed to enter Israel, shared the known problems. One of them spent a long time in prison. We referred them to Sylvia.  

Nadav, the coordinator of government activities in the Territories, and who helped us a lot in contacts with the Palestinians, leaves his post in the D.C.O after a year and a half. He came out to say goodbye and brought his replacement, Assaf, to meet us. Assaf looks very young and also a pleasant person, and we hope to have the same excellent relationship as we had with Nadav.